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Internet Service Provider

ZM Technologies is one of the most leading ISP providers in Pune for Tata Teleservices and Airtel.

Internet Leased Line

A dedicated internet service with sustained performance providing consistency in your organization’s internet can be achieved with a dedicated leased line. ILL are simple, reliable and secured.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Enhance collaboration with connection between multiple locations. MPLS provides High quality of service between any to any connectivity.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables data forwarding which increases the speed and controls the flow of network traffic. MPLS provides a label to each packet to send it along a predetermined path.

Why You Need MPLS

Faster Network Performance

Doesn't depend on firewalls and associated administrative overhead

HiPPA compliant

Is easily scalable

Toll Free

Highly accessible round the clock service for every customer. Toll Free services are becoming important for any businesses out there. These services build brands and boosts ROI and sales.

The toll-free number makes it easier for clients and customers to reach the businesses and provide solutions. It gives the flexibility to call anytime and reach your company, leading to an improved customer retention rate.

“If you have an 1800 number, more people are likely to remember it, enabling you to generate more leads for more sales. It is a big misconception that a toll-free number is only for big corporations but the fact – a toll-free number can especially benefit a business that is just starting out.”

Smart Office

All in one device for all your business needs including Voice, Data, Storage and Applications. SmartOffice provides a one stop solution to all your business no longer needs to invest in multiple devices or approach multiple service providers to setup a new office or a branch operation.

This affordable, reliable, easy-to-deploy solution makes it a perfect decision for those looking for all in one solution.

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